Not only is Lois a remarkably knowledgeable practitioner, she is an extraordinarily kind and articulate person. I could not recommend her more highly as a teacher, and particularly a teacher trainer.
— Sage M.
I attended Lois’s teacher training a few years ago. Having a background and a profession on Wall Street, I was looking for a growth experience outside of my chosen professional path. Lois had previously helped me work through an injury so her training program was a natural choice.

I wasn’t disappointed. The training was personally transformational. I learnt a lot about yoga and even more about myself. Lois brings effortless command to yoga instruction. She is a gifted orator and simplifies some of the most complex concepts and poses with amazing ease and thoughtful intelligence. Lois is one of a kind. Put quite simply, she is brilliant and one of the greatest teachers (and teachers’ teachers) of our time.
— Daniel Z
Lois is an incredibly knowledgeable and precise instructor. I have been t classes with Lois for years and took her TT course as well. She is immeasurably generous with her time, knowledge and hospitality!
— Judy S.
I enrolled in a yoga teacher training - not to get certified to teach - but to find answers to my questions. In every yoga class I attended, I seemed to receive different, often conflicting, instructions about alignment, and the confusion of philosophical references ranged from vaguely Hindu to Buddhist to New Age amalgams - to none at all. In her teaching training, Lois answered every question I had. And what I learned is that, yes, there are often multiple, ‘right’ answers to a question, but Lois could tell me what the differences between them were and why, attributing it to the respective schools and approaches. Lois knows them all and can lay them out in a clear, concise comparison. In other words, her knowledge and experience is encyclopedic. She is a master not only of asana practice and its intricacies, but also of the philosophy behind it as well - which is complicated, dense material once you start going to the source. Lois makes it understandable, giving you an invaluable foundation and framework for deeper study. You simply cannot go wrong with a training by Lois. You will come away with an infinitely more informed practice, solidly grounded in an authentic study of the wide-ranging influences that we call ‘yoga.’
— Allison H.
I had been practicing yoga for six years before I decided to become a yoga teacher. I had several options for accomplishing my yoga teacher training as I had been active in yoga communities across the North East. I could have chosen a major yoga center that trains hundreds of yoga teachers a year where I had previously completed teacher training in yoga education for children. I could have chosen other local options with extremely well renowned and qualified teachers. I could have traveled to New York City where any yoga teacher training was readily available at any time. I was determined to choose the most thorough and supportive program available to me.

I had experienced Lois Nesbitt’s teaching over the course of a couple of years and my own practice grew under her mentoring. She provides very clear, concise directions. I found myself learning more than ever before about alignment, breath work and philosophy. It was all woven into every class with Lois in a playful yet constructive way. I found myself drawn to the teachers at the studio with similar methods and excellence in knowledge of asana as Lois. When I learned that Lois had trained them, I knew I wanted the same training.

Lois Nesbitt’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is thorough in content on all aspects of yoga that you would expect: anatomy, philosophy, asana, sequencing, the business of yoga, etc. She brings it all together in a supportive, joyful environment. Her teacher training not only relates to teaching yoga but growing as an individual.

Each participant in our 2012 teacher training had different goals for the future and we worked together to support one another under Lois’ guidance. She made us feel comfortable in the group and she challenged us to go further as individuals. Lois worked with our different learning styles and strengths to make our training successful. I had to find my own yoga teacher voice and I was thoroughly supported.

My goal in TT (I already have a full time career in elementary education) was to deepen my understanding of yoga for my own practice, teach yoga part time in the immediate future and consider a full time career as a yoga teacher when I retire from my current job. I have accomplished the first two goals and I am currently preparing for a future helping others enjoy the practice of yoga. Lois has been an integral part of this plan by giving me the knowledge I need through her teacher training.

After completing the 200-hour TT, I turned to Lois for my Yoga Therapeutics Training. My teaching grew deeper, more mature and my own yoga students benefited from what I had learned from Lois to stay safe during yoga practice with their specific needs and become stronger.
— Kim R.
I was fortunate to have an opportunity to study with Lois as she is one of few teacher trainers who possess true qualifications to teach a broad range of subjects in yoga. While Lois is an intellect with a PhD, she is also one of the most gifted yoga practitioners on the mat. With that background, her teaching is always authentic and transparent. She tells us, for instance, how she studied yoga philosophy with a few of the most gifted scholars and teachers in the world, and how she developed her own thoughts, which may or may not agree with others, in a clearest and most compelling manner.

Her teaching on asana principles is equally clear and convincing as it reflects years of her own practice. Throughout the training, Lois showed us how her life had naturally evolved with yoga. After her, in an ever evolving process, I have learned to make yoga integrated further in my life way beyond my initial imagination. While I keep my professional day job, I teach yoga regularly. Having an ability to share my understanding of yoga with others on and off the mat is a true blessing. I highly recommend a teacher training with Lois for anyone who wants to deepen his or her yoga practice and/or to develop teaching skills.
— Shig O.